“Weekend Escape” Project

Full time work, part time work, self-development plan, future-preparing plan…there are always too many things we need to do and too little time each day at our 20s.  I’m still struggling at arranging my schedule. As an apparent rule of life, free time will be shortened more and more as our responsibility accumulates day by day, month by month and year by year… “If not now, then when i can live my wild, hilarious and gorgeous life without giving up my ambition for career” – i have been questioning myself.


People say life is about making choices! So no more frustrated about not being able to travel as frequently as before, and travelling doesnt mean going out of country for a bit long time or spending at tourist-attracted spots. I know there’re lots of little unknown villages/areas/sceneries around that i haven’t discovered. So i’m  calling for your recommendation and/or support in different ways as below:

  • Suggest me a place to visit during weekend, can be day-trip or 2-day-trip, ideally from Friday night/ Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.
  • Invite me to visit your place if it’s suitable for weekend-trip as I mention above or longer trip during holiday is good too. By inviting, i mean “please shoulder me the fee for accommodation + meals during my stay and be my tour guide” 😀 . I would be so much grateful for that
  • Suggest a place and connect me to your friend(s) who can host and/or tour me around. Having the local to promote the place is the best and fastest way to experience the best, isn’t it?
  • Be my travel mate – there will be motorbike trips too. I’m fine with driving but driving alone, especially to mountainous areas if any, is a bit too risky for a girl.
  • … and so on, whatever you yourself can come up to support me with this project (like, share, sponsor, feedback, refer me promo/discount program for travelling…even offer to help me edit photos/videos for my travel ..are all welcome) =))


How frequent will I travel?

How far will I go?

How long will this project last?

What will I do specifically?

  • I aim to get on road 2-4 weekends per 2 month, mostly depending on my schedule, my progress I’ve done with my trip’ recordings, my finance and weather.
  • The destinations won’t be limited within any distance, region,  kind of  accommodation or else, but as the name of this project, i only can be available during weekend.
  • For the life of this “child”, I’m honestly not sure, but initially I will set it 6 months, from July to the end of 2016.
  • After each trip, there will be a travel journal posted on my blog. The entries can be about reviewing the destination (how suitable it can be for weekend escape?) , and/or any thought/story i get inspired on the way.


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