365 Days of Me_Intro

While scrolling through Google Play Store for some interesting apps to help me keep up with fitness and diet plan, an app called 365 Days of Me popped up as the recommended and in a moment that we usually call love at first sight. Basically the app will suggest the user one, and ONLY ONE question per day, no more no less , which is, I think, perfect to not allow you to skip to another question in case you are too lazy to think about the current one like me :))  (I tried the whole list of some #writingchallenge before and ended up with answering only 2-3 of those). The app took me with all its simplicity, its thoughtful questions which seem to encourage me to spend at least 5-10 minutes mediating to think about the real answer, some of them really drove me way so far that I could even write pages about.


screenshot_2016-07-27-10-04-01.pngPersonally I think 365 app got meaningful questions. Why?

Unlike other lists, the questions from  365 Days of Me  are short and specific enough to narrow my  scope of thinking. They also lead me into deep thought to attain self-reflection and self-realization since most of them are past-driven. After quite a long time writing my diary frequently, I realize questioning and delving into the past does not necessarily mean not letting it go as people usually refer to. As long as you look at it objectively and not criticize yourself (or anyone) for whatever happened, it would be more about self-learning from your own experience – a highly valued characteristics as I believe (If any of you meditates or knows about meditation, the theory is the same: let your thought wander and if it travels back to the past, just look at it, welcome it without any judgment. My meditation is writing instead)


Till today it has been 1 week with 7 questions, so far so good, so far so satisfied I feel for this app. Gonna update continuously with #writingchallenge if  I find any interesting question that i feel free to share a page of my diary 😉


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