Racism – How Is It Like?

Last week, in the group chat of the Human Rights Society I joined, there was a New Zealand guy posting an article on The Korea Times, advertising the new discount campaign of CGV on the Fool's Day. The title was "Pretend to be a foreigner and get discounted movie tickets on April 1" When you... Continue Reading →


Written From 2016 – Lifting and Repositioning Myself

[In the series of Year-end briefing] It has been a while for me to grow, to fall, to stand up, to get lost, to find way... When I was trying to reflect and summarize my experience after graduating from undergrad school, I could see them divided into phrases. To me it was 0.5 year of getting lost and depressed, then 1 year of lifting myself and re-orient my life, and the past recent 1 year was taking commitment to the newly-oriented path. I also realized we are  and will probably be on the same process. So goodluck to all of us - the Millennial! 

“Are you OK in Bangkok”?

I was chilling out with Ochaya bubble tea after wandering around Pratunam market for late lunch and shopping. My head started swirling due to heavy traffic, the crowd in weekend, heat and humid weather. For anyone ever visiting Bangkok, you know well how difficult it is to travel around the city during the day, especially... Continue Reading →

Written From Above The Cloud

"How have you been growing up?" - asking myself while watching out of the window from the flight Hanoi-Bangkok. It was February last year when I visited Bangkok for the first time - one reason was to meet up with fellows after one exchange program, one bigger reason is to meet someone so-called boyfriend at... Continue Reading →

Facing Mental Obstacles

I have been feeling caged — not physically caged but mentally caged. Most of time, we cannot expect to finish things in one shot, or escape from the hollow easily - so just make little move and be positive about it, right?! 🙂 


Post này khi xem lại phát hiện rất liên thiên và không liên quan lắm, nhưng là mở đầu cho tuyển tập "Tôi 20s và Tháng ngày La Cà"  aka "My 20s and Days of co-called Gap Year" mà mục đích là post ảnh làm hàng theo tháng năm và tỏ ra triết lý rẻ tiền =)) 


Đã 1 tuần trở về Hà Nội từ VSSC và dường như vẫn chưa hết bồi hồi nhung nhớ đất Sài Gòn. Vào SG đã nhiều, lần đi nào cũng vội vã và chuyến đi này cũng không phải ngoại lệ nhưng có lẽ đó là chuyến đi bắt đầu tình yêu của Giang với... Continue Reading →

The advisor Reeds

"What are you thinking?" Reeds asks "Him..." the girl answers. "Why him?" Reeds questions again "You were the one telling him to not contact, the one who silently said goodbye first" "Sometimes people let the heart broken to protect the self-pride." The girl whispers "Then, think about your dignity which u trade off for your... Continue Reading →

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