7 First Days to Remember

New Year comes and it’s high time for me to not only look back, but also look forward. 2017 will be expected to be a remarkable year, which will probably decide where I will be and how I will grow for the next 5 years. However, let’s take all the sound-like big and important, yet unsure aside. I will prefer to start with something small, more achievable and less brain-cracking to think and write about.
(I say achievable because my list of ideas for blogging keeps lengthening day by day but they always take me so much time to gather my emotions, inspirations and ideas for 1 post – that’s why it’s usually long and time-consuming >.<)

So I choose the first 7 days of 2017 to write about – It can be anything and anyone dropped by my daily life during the first week of New Year to bright it up, pull it down, burn it to ass by anger or melt it by any sweetness…whatever it is I’m pretty sure a part of my daydreamer mind can have something to talk about.


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